About Me

Hello, I am Becky Sider! I have been a hairstylist for 19 years! I am the Salon Owner of Becky's Boutique Salon in Kane, PA! I have a passion for hair and ALWAYS knew from the time I was little this was my Dream Job. I believe what makes me successful in Cosmetology, is not only my LOVE for Hair Styles, but my love for making my guests look and feel their best. I believe when you look good you feel good and everyone notices! Becky's Boutique is a Paul Mitchell Focused Salon. You could call me a Hair Product Junkie...lol I get excited with new products, I want them in my hair immediately so I can try them OUT! I love learning new hair techniques. Something I like about myself is that I am creative, and I have a good eye for fashion. I am REALLY good at doing up-dos !  I am so experienced with hairstyles, my creativity opens up, and I know what works. I love my hands in hair!! It's my life. I also believe the BEST part of the "haircut experience" is when your in my chair at the wash station. I use the most  luxurious Shampoo & Conditioners and give the most amazing Scalp massage! Behind the chair... I am a mom, wife and prayer warrior, I love my hometown and supporting my community!

My Vision

 My Story

 I am a trained professional in the "CUT IT OUT"  Beauty Community against domestic violence DEDICATED to build awareness. 

My commitment for giving the  best professional hair care available is simply not enough.

At Becky's Boutique clients become friends, caring for people is the driving force behind everything that I do! Behind the chair, we share, we listen, we feel, we create. Behind the chair I strive to do my very best to bring smiles and joy to my guests!


Becky's Boutique Salon was born October 15th 2007.  At 439 Biddle Street In Kane Pa! The Shop was in business for 8 years at this location! Then something amazing happen for  my family and I... On Oct.1st 2015 I purchased my first family home, with a Beauty shop in it! Becky's Boutique is proudly Serving Kane Pa  for 10 + years, NOW located at 5 Easton Street!